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DVCAM and Mini DVCAM This format comes in 2 sizes of tape boxes the mini DVCAM is identical to a Mini DV tape. The larger DVCAM was a professional format used by TV stations. DVCAM Large Dimensions: 124mm x 77mm. DVCAM Small Dimensions: 65mm x 48mm. Playing Time: Varies from 40 mins to 180 mins We can transfer only PAL recorded tapes. Ring Tony 0407-647-866 for pricing (minimum price is $45)
SD XD Memory Card Mini DVD Hard Disk Camera
Hard Disk Cameras - SD memory Cameras Mini DVD Cameras & DVD-RAM Cameras These are obviously not tapes but the latest method of recording Video on a camera. We can convert all these formats into either DVD or digital MP4 files for convenient playback. Please call Tony on 0407-647-866 for details as prices vary to much to list.
MicroMV This format is very very rare . Only Sony made the very small camera Dimensions: 45mm x 29mm. Playing Time: NP 0-60mins We can copy PAL (NTSC probably)
Umatic This format comes in 2 sizes of tape boxes Umatic large Dimensions: 218mm x 136mm. Umatic small Dimensions: 183mm x 121mm. Playing Time: Varies from 10 mins to 60 mins We can transfer only PAL Low band (no BVU) tapes. Ring Tony 0407-647-866 or pricing (minimum price is $45)
Betacam & Digital Betacam This format comes in 2 sizes of tape boxes Betacam large Dimensions: 254mm x 145mm. Betacam small Dimensions: 156mm x 96mm. (same as Betamax) Playing Time: Varies from 10 mins to 120 mins We can transfer all formats PAL & NTSC 625/525 including Digital Betacam tapes. Ring for pricing (min price is $45)
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VHS & Super VHS VHS tapes are the most common format. VHS is the tape format you bought or rented movies on. Dimensions: 188mm x 103mm. Playing Time: NP 0-240mins LP 0-480mins Super VHS used same size tape but is very rare. We can copy all types: Super VHS - PAL - NTSC - Secam
Mini DV These tapes are the last of domestic camera tapes and are still sold. Dimensions: 65mm x 48mm. Playing Time: NP 0-60mins LP 0-90mins We copy all Standard Definition Mini DV tapes: PAL - NTSC - Secam From about 2007 a few semi professional High Definition cameras also used these tapes. Most of these were recorded in sony cameras and we can copy these HD 1080I tapes.
Mini DV Tape Box Mini DV Tape Box 2
Video8 - Hi8 - Digital8 These formats all use the same size tape. The tape box may say Hi8, for example, but it could be a Video8 recording. Dimensions: 94mm x 62mm. Playing Time: NP 0-90mins LP 0-180mins Most tapes however play for 60 or 90 minutes We can copy all types PAL - NTSC - (Secam probably)
Video8 Hi8 Digital8 Tape Box Video8 Hi8 Digital8 Tape Box 2 VHS-C Tape Box Betamax & Betacord Beta was alternative home VCR to VHS but eventually lost the war.Dimensions: 155mm x 95mm. Playing Time:  NP 0-360mins We copy all Betamax tapes:  PAL - NTSC - Secam 1 & 2 NB ! Betacam used by the TV studios use very similar tapes but usually have Betacam written on them. We can copy most Betacam tpaes.