We have secure lockers illuminated at night for easy Drop off and Collection! Feel free to leave your goods in one of the open lockers if the office is closed day or night. Pen, Paper and plastic zip lock bags are in each locker. Dropping Goods off Place your goods in one of the open lockers. Leave your name and phone number with your goods (Please ensure it is clearly written) Secure the locker by locking the door. Slide the key through the letter chute on the office door. I will call you when I retrieve your goods. Do Not take the key with you! Collecting Goods Payment must be showing in our account prior to collecting. The key to your locker will be hidden I will advise you of its location on the phone. Use the key to open your locker and take your goods. Leave the key in the locker. Do Not take the key with you! Where possible please don’t drop off after 11pm or before 5am unless you let me know before hand.
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Tap to call Brismedia  0407-647-866
We are currently closed for renovations. We re-open on the 1st of June All goods posted during this time will be held securely until our reopening. Please do not drop off goods in person or use our locker system during this time. The office/home will be occupied during this time but not for business matters. During this time I will NOT be answering the phone or SMS messages. However I will be checking email when possible. This website has extensive information about all our services (the desktop version has far more info than the mobile). Any questions you may have might be answered here. As we will have no outstanding work when we close, all new jobs will be processed ASAP upon our return, usually inside two weeks … kind regards Tony
DVD’s Transferred to  USB ! Do it before they Fail (Tap For Info)